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 The Beeches Dinner Theater
7900 Turin Road, Rome, NY 13440
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Number of people who have seen a Chatham Theatre Company show as of Dec. 19,  2013:  261,095
Number of performances given by the Chatham Theatre Company as of Mar. 16,  2013:  2,878
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I Do, I Do!
Same Time, Next Year
Branigan's Blarney
2 X 2
              Christmas in Killarney
Last of the Red Hot Lovers
March 9-17
Daily matinees at 1:30 PM
A performance is scheduled within the above dates when ever we have at least one group of 25 or more booking that date.  That date is then open to all for reservations.                                       
Nay, 'tis not a bar of soap we're talkin' about but rather 2 big fun-filled acts of Irish music and comedy plus a couple of songs of spring.  You'll be startin' off your day with a foine Irish Beeches buffet at noon.  Then, at 1:30, the curtains part for a couple of hours of great fun as our leapin' leprechauns tickle your funnybone.  Fer shure, you'll be singin' all the way home.
April 1-Oct. 12
This production will be performed any time we have at least one group of 25 or more reserved.  Once booked, the show is then open to all for additional reservations.
Tumbling Tumbleweeds
Yahooo!  Time to get your inner cowboy on with this 2 act musical and comedy-filled tribute to the old West.  With 2 dozen songs of the western plains accompanied by over a hundred images and some really funny sketches that will leave you laughing and singing all the way home.